I'm an Analyst (Intern) at Bain & Company in the Performance Improvement Practice focused on advancing Operations Excellence Benchmarking capabilities. Prior to this role, I interned at Paisabazaar.com, where I developed production-ready prediction models for credit card limit prediction and disbursals.

I'm a final year student majoring in electrical and electronics engineering at Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence. My senior thesis focuses on the application of blockchain technology in electricity trading. Previously, I was an OUR candidate (2022-23) in the School of Management and Entrepreneurship. I'm passionate about using data to tackle complex challenges in renewable energy, green finance, and financial technology.

My work experiences have been diverse, spanning technical, business, and marketing roles. I interned as an ML engineering intern at TransOrg Analytics. I also worked part-time at Spenny (acquihired by CRED) , a Y-combinator backed micro-savings app. Additionally, before starting university, I completed a two-week internship in the engineering department at ITC Hotels, where I focused on sustainable practices.

I'm always happy to mentor young professionals starting out their academic or professional journeys. If you'd like to collaborate, drop me an email! Why do I do it? Because people gave me a shot and it changed my trajectory. I am paying it forward. I am best reached by email at ks649@snu.edu.in. Feel free to reach out about my research or anything else I might be able to help with. For more details, check my CV

Professional Experience

Bain & Company
Winter 2023
Summer 2023
TransOrg Analytics
Summer 2022
Winter 2021
ITC Hotels
Summer 2018

What have I been up to?

Dean's List Awardee (6th time)
February 2024 | For exceptional academic performance in Monsoon'23 semester

Dean's List Awardee (5th time)
September 2023 | For exceptional academic performance in Spring'23 semester

9th Shiv Nadar IoE OUR Conference
September 2023 | Sucessfully defended my OUR research

ASME IAM3D EFx: All India Rank - 2
April 2023 | Bagged the Runner's up place in the student design competition

Dean's List Awardee (4th time)
March 2023 | For exceptional academic performance in Monsoon'22 semester

Learning & Academic Support Center Coordinator, Office of Dean Academics
January 2023 | Providing administrative and organizational support to the Dean's office

Fall 2022 IronHacks Participant
November 2022 | Hackathon conducted by the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI)

OUR Research Proposal Accepted
August 2022 | Accident Prediction in Highway Railway Grade Crossings (HRGCs)


Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence
B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2020 - 2024
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Advanced Certification in Data Analytics

Academic Projects and Research Papers

Blockchain-Enabled Game Theory Approach for Distributed Generation - (BEGT-DG)
Shlok Kamat under the guidance of Dr. Sandeep Kumar Soni
December 2023 | Senior Year Thesis

Equity Research Report - Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
Shlok Kamat, Tanmay Rakheja, Chandy Alex Koshy November 2023 | Course Project for Corporate Valuation Course

Assessing the Climate Risks Faced by Total Energies: A Comprehensive Analysis
Shlok Kamat
February 2023 | Assignment for Business Sustainability Management Course

Mutual Funds, SIPs, SWPs and more
Shlok Kamat under the guidance of Dr. Sunil K Parmeshwaran December 2022 | Research paper for Financial Markets Course

Business Analytics Project - Customer Churn for a telecom operator
Shlok Kamat, Aayush Garg November 2022 | Course project for course Contemporary Business Analytics (DOM304)
pdf| code

Dynamic Behavior of the Whitening Process
Aditya A*, Shlok Kamat*, Karra Sanjana Reddy* (* = Equal Contribution)
November 2022 | Research project for course Digital Signal Processing (EED305)

A Novel Algorithm based on V and I Perturbation to track global peak under partial shading conditions
Aditya A, Shlok Kamat, Karra Sanjana Reddy, Peniel Roderick, Ojusva Singh November 2022 | Research project for course Photovoltaic Power Generation (EED371)

Personal Projects

Predictive Analytics Repo
Python and R | A collection of predictive analytics notebooks and source codes
GitHub Repo

Python | A simple GUI text editor written in python
code| blog

Strategic analysis of Jio
Case Study | A presentation for a case study competition where in I was tasked with devising a plan for Jio (mobile telecom operator) to foray into a foreign market

Order Automation
Python | A python code to place, cancel and modify orders in Zerodha in under 160 lines of code, all without leaving your editor/terminal*
code| blog